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Backdoor Found in 80 Sony Surveillance Camera Models

Sony has released firmware updates that remove a remotely exploitable backdoor account from 80 models of IP and security cameras. Because attackers can exploit the backdoor account via a well-crafted HTTP request, if left unpatched, the vulnerability can open the door for abuse, with crooks taking over Sony surveillance cameras and adding them to a Mirai-like botnet that can be used for relaying malicious traffic or launching DDoS attacks.

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Cybercrime in social media grows 70% in six months

These days, all you need to do is type “botnet,” “hacking,” “DDoS,” “CVV2,” or any other cybercrime-related term into the search bar on most social media platforms, and you will find a plethora of fraud activity occurring in plain sight.  As reported earlier this year by RSA, social media has become a breeding ground for cybercrime-related activity, attracting fraudsters from around the world who take advantage of these platforms because they are free, easy-to-use, and offer a global reach.

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Stegano exploit kit poisoning pixels

ESET researchers have discovered a new exploit kit spreading via malicious ads on a number of reputable news websites, each with millions of visitors daily. Since at least the beginning of October 2016, the bad guys have been targeting users of Internet Explorer and scanning their computers for vulnerabilities in Flash Player. Exploiting these flaws in the code, they have been attempting to download and execute various types of malware.

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Expedia IT guy made $300,000 by hacking own execs

A former Expedia IT professional admitted on Monday to illegally trading on secrets he discovered by hacking his own company’s senior executives. Jonathan Ly stole passwords and infiltrated devices of Expedia’s (EXPE) chief financial officer and head of investor relations, allowing him to make a series of “highly profitable” trades in stock options that scored him $331,000, according to prosecutors.

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