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Data-wiping malware strikes Saudi government agencies

Saudi Arabia’s government agencies were hit with a cyberattack that security researchers are blaming on a worm-like malware that can wipe computer systems, destroying data.

Several government bodies and vital installations suffered the attack, disrupting their servers, the country’s Saudi Press Agency said on Thursday. The transportation sector was among the agencies hit by an actor from outside the country, the press agency said.

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Tesco Bank under investigation for possibly ignoring warning of potential cyberattack

A probe has been reportedly launched into Tesco Bank, in efforts to determine whether the bank failed to heed warnings of a security flaw in its payment systems, which may have allowed hackers to make away with millions of pounds. Authorities believe that the bank may have failed to act on a warning from Visa, issued out a year ago, according to reports.

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Irish law firms experience near 50pc increase in cyber attacks

There has been a near 50pc increase in the number of cyber attacks reported by Irish law firms in the past year, according to research published today [November 21, 2016]. Three firms out of every ten have been subject to a cyber attack in the past 12 months, while 38pc of the country’s top 20 firms have been the target of an attack.

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