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DDoS attacks via WordPress now come with encryption

Kaspersky Lab experts have noted an emerging trend – a growth in the number of attacks using encryption. Such attacks are highly effective due to the difficulty in identifying them among the overall flow of clean requests. Recently, the company encountered yet more evidence of this trend – an attack exploiting vulnerabilities in WordPress via an encrypted channel.

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Hackers Gamify DDoS Attacks with Collaborative Platform

A Turkish hacking crew is luring participants to join its DDoS platform to compete with peers to earn redeemable points that are exchangeable for hacking tools and click-fraud software. The goal, security researchers say, is to “gamify” DDoS attacks in order to attract a critical mass of hackers working toward a unified goal.

The hacking platform is called Surface Defense and is being promoted in Turkish-language Dark Web forums including Turkhackteam and Root Developer, according to Forcepoint Security Labs, the security firm that first uncovered and reported the DDoS platform.

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European Commission Servers Offline After Massive DDoS Attack

The European Commission servers were forced to go offline for hours on Thursday after suffering a series of large-scale distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

The Commission confirmed there was no data breach and also claimed that there was no service interruption but one staff member revealed they couldn’t access the Internet for hours after the attack. It is unclear if Commission’s servers were down due to the attack or if security specialists purposely disconnected them from the Internet to avoid further damage.

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DDoS attack on the Russian banks: what the traffic data showed

From November 8 to 12, websites of some of the largest Russian banks fell victim to heavy DDoS attacks. Initially, it was no indication of anything unusual – all well-known banks get attacked from time to time – but further developments have evolved in the manner that allowed us to suggest a high level of organization in regards to the series of attacks.

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DDoS Attacks on Apartments’ Heating System Left Residents Cold and Angry

The environmental control mechanism at two apartment buildings in Lappeenranta suddenly and surprisingly stopped functioning due to which people had to suffer a lot in the cold weather. However, the disturbing fact is that the systems weren’t just out of order or got blocked out but these were taken down through a DDoS attack.

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