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Backdoor Found in 80 Sony Surveillance Camera Models

Sony has released firmware updates that remove a remotely exploitable backdoor account from 80 models of IP and security cameras. Because attackers can exploit the backdoor account via a well-crafted HTTP request, if left unpatched, the vulnerability can open the door for abuse, with crooks taking over Sony surveillance cameras and adding them to a Mirai-like botnet that can be used for relaying malicious traffic or launching DDoS attacks.

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DDoS Attacks on Apartments’ Heating System Left Residents Cold and Angry

The environmental control mechanism at two apartment buildings in Lappeenranta suddenly and surprisingly stopped functioning due to which people had to suffer a lot in the cold weather. However, the disturbing fact is that the systems weren’t just out of order or got blocked out but these were taken down through a DDoS attack.

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